NFL Preview 2013

Ok, I got a little off-track last year and missed out on some great chances for NFL Updates. Alas, we’ll attempt to do better this season. Lots of great questions heading into training camp, but I’m going to make a few predictions that could be a tad surprising, either way… you heard it here first… let’s go!


Sanchez might not even get another chance to butt fumble

Patriots 13-3
Bills 7-9
Dolphins 6-10
Jets 4-12
Stinker = J-E-T-S
Sleeper = Bills, E.J. Manuel could be this season’s standout rookie QB, if healthy

Bengals 11-5
Ravens 10-6
Steelers 7-9
Browns 5-11
Stinker = Steelers, this team just can’t protect Big Ben and offense will suffer
Sleeper = Cincinnati

Texans 12-4
Colts 10-6
Titans 6-10
Jaguars 3-13
Stinker = Jacksonville
Sleeper = Houston, in terms of being Super Bowl contenders this time around

Welker is poised to become Peyton’s new favorite target


Broncos 10-6
Chiefs 8-8
Chargers 7-9
Raiders 4-12
Stinker = Oakland
Sleeper= Kansas City: Andy and Alex could surprise some people in their new towns


Cowboys 10-6
Redskins 8-8
Giants 6-10
Eagles 5-11
Stinker = Giants, injuries already starting to pile up
Sleeper= Cowboys, could it all come together this year for Romo?

Packers 10-6
Lions 9-7
Vikings 7-9
Bears 5-11
Stinker = Bears, this is the year it all blows up, with Cutler under major fire
Sleeper= Lions, I like the addition of Reggie Bush


He’s had a year to plot how to dismantle teams

Saints 11-5
Falcons 10-6
Panthers 9-7
Bucs 6-10
Stinker = Bucs, but what a tough division this is!
Sleeper= Saints, with Coach Payton back, will be on a mission

49ers 12-4
Seahawks 9-7
Rams 7-9
Cardinals 7-9
Stinker = Seahawks are a bit overrated in my book
Sleeper= Rams, the Fisher-Factor

As for the top teams, I am looking at the Texans and Patriots in the AFC, and the Saints and 49ers in a strongly competitive NFC, in fact I think Drew Brees and Peyton Manning will duel to the end in an MVP battle. The Packers could find themselves in a tougher spot with their rash of injuries, while I really like the Lions as my Sleeper Team of 2013… the Seahawks might be a bit over-hyped for my liking in the West. Overall, each of the NFC’s divisions will be extremely competitive. Over on the AFC side, I think the Bengals could surprise some teams, and may overcome their playoff hurdle this year. Overall the Patriots, in the weakest division look to book their ticket to the postseason early, while the Broncos will be good, but must battle a tougher schedule along the way. Overall, there just aren’t as many good teams in the AFC this season… look for sleepers!

The Patriots  and Saints would be my picks in a Star Studded Super Bowl, and I’ll take NEW ENGLAND without the Giants to stand in their way, giving the aging Tom Brady his fourth and final ring.

AFC champion     New England
NFC champion     New Orleans
Coach of the year     Marvin Lewis
Reg. Season MVP     Drew Brees
Offensive ROY:     Tavon Austin
Defensive ROY:     Tyrann Mathieu
First Head Coach Canned:   Rex Ryan

That’s all folks, check back every few weeks, where I’ll attempt some semblance of regular updates, and we’ll keep an eye on how the preseason picks shape up. Game on!


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