2013 NHL Season Preview

As the nation has gotten caught up in the beginning of football season and the dramatic conclusion of the regular season in baseball, sports is back in a big way. But all of a sudden, people wake up today and BOOM, it’s October, yes that means playoff baseball but it also means that the NHL drops the puck on their regular season tonight… what? yep, that’s right it’s hockey season already. Perhaps a bit sooner than normal, gotta find a way to squeeze some extra games in with the Olympics this year, but alas the zambonis are movin’, sticks are taped, and clean sheets of ice await 30 teams across North America. It’s hockey season!

Let’s get right to it, lots of new faces in new places, but the real story here is division realignment. Detroit’s no longer in the West, Columbus too, and somehow Boston and Montreal find themselves new local rivals in… FLORIDA? yes, it will take some getting used to, but new rivalries will take shape, and we’ll all get used to Washington and Carolina being in the same division as the Atlantic teams from PA, NY and NJ. Enough already, let’s jump into some pre-season picks:

1. Penguins*
2. Rangers*
3. Capitals*
4. Devils*
5. Flyers*
6. Islanders
7. Blue Jackets
8. Hurricanes
* indicates playoff team
This division combines some intrastate rivalries with some new blood. The Ovechkin v Crosby thing will get new life, but my sense is that the newcomers will be a bit surprised at how competitive things are in this division. Teams like Pittsburgh, New York and Philly are all used to grinding out games late in the season against division rivals. The Caps have simply coasted through the Southeast in recent years. Perhaps Adam Oates and pick up where he left off and get that offense back to prominence.

1. Canadiens*
2. Bruins*
3. Senators*
4. Red Wings
5. Maple Leafs
6. Lightning
7. Sabres
8. Panthers
Yes it seems like a mish-mosh of teams but the original 5 from the Northeast simply get an O-6 team in Detroit, plus two from the Southleast. The Tim Thomas tending the net across the team he won a Cup with is the most tantalizing storyline for me, but Alfredsson v Ottawa is another juicy one. This looks like it could be a really physical division night in and night out.

1. Blackhawks*
2. Blues*
3. Predators*
4. Stars*
5. Wild
6. Jets
7. Avalanche
This seems like an easy division to call, but after the Hawks, we don’t really know what to expect from a lot of these teams. Many pundits are high on St. Louis, but they also were last year and that season saw more than a few highs and lows. Nashville and Dallas look like revamped clubs to me. Deeper lines make for better hockey teams and I think both are ready to compete in 2013-14.

1. Kings*
2. Ducks*
3. Sharks*
4. Canucks*
5. Oilers
6. Coyotes
7. Flames
This could be the most difficult division in hockey to predict. The Kings and Ducks SHOULD be good, and the Sharks are a sleeper pick for many (as always), but in the end there are so many question marks surrounding Vancouver, Edmonton, and the rest of the bunch.

After that we come to the post-season. In the East, the Penguins are a popular pick to make is back to the conference finals, while the Capitals would be a team I think could get over the hump this year. While the Hawks are a really solid team, it’s just going to be really hard for these guys to do it again. This time around I like the Sharks defeating the rival Kings in the Western Finals. I really think Pittsburgh will be punching through teams to battle to the Cup this year especially after the embarrassment of getting swept in the Conference Finals last season, so I’ll take the Pens over the Sharks in the Cup Finals

Finally, instead of making boring prognostications like “Stamkos will win the Rocket Richard” or “Jose Theodore will win the Vezina” (it happened folks), I am going to do something a little different this year:

– No Penguin player will lead the NHL in scoring
– Brad Richards finds new life on the wing and returns to scoring ways
– Martin Brodeur retires at the season’s end
– Blues go into the season as a potential Cup contender, but lose in the 1st round of the playoffs
– The Sharks squeeze into the playoffs, and then make a deep run
– Alex Ovechkin makes another run at 60 goals (with more than half coming on the PP)
– Maple Leafs start a new streak of season’s without a playoff appearance
– Marc Andre Fleury leads the league in wins
– Luongo will be in Vezina talk at season’s end
– Peter Laviolette is the first NHL coach fired, but the Flyers still make the playoffs

– The NHL has ice problems at the outdoor game between the Ducks and Kings

Well, that about wraps it up folks. I hope everyone enjoys the season, and that the Olympics are a welcome addition to the hockey calendar as always.


10 Bold Predictions for the 2013 NHL Season

As the puck drops on the NHL season we prepare for a 48 game sprint like no other (well, aside from the 48 game season back in 1995). In honor of the start to a brand new NHL campaign, I;ve compiled a list of 10 bold predictions I’ve made for the season ahead. Ok, so these are a few days late, but I swear I made them the day before the season started. Regardless, here are a few things that you might be surprised to see this year…

10. The Lightning will win the South East division. With the top scoring cast returning and a few other key additions, this looks like a team ready to take the next step. Washington and Florida both took steps back in the off-season (in terms of personnel), while Carolina’s moves really just paper over a myriad of other issues. Winnipeg is an interesting team, but still maybe a year away from contending. I predict the Bolts key forwards (Stamkos, St. Louis, and Lecavalier) all see boosts in scoring and power the team into the playoffs.

9. Roberto Luongo does not get traded… sure this one is a shot in the dark, but the fact that Bobby Lou is still on the team makes me wonder. The guy has a ton of experience and has played in both Stanley Cup finals and Olympic Gold medal games. Why would the Canucks dump him? Ok, there are a number of reasons, but I think the media and fans may have made this a foregone conclusion long before Vancouver management.

8. The Blackhawks will be major contenders. Goaltending issues aside, the Hawks have a ton of talent across the ice, and a deep bench to boot. Did we forget so soon that this team won a cup just a few seasons back? With Jonathan Toews, Marian Hossa, and Patrick Kane all healthy, this could be a dangerous team. Even though they play in a tough division, Chicago could suffice with a lower seed in the Conference, and then make a deep playoff run.

7. Tuukka Rask will be a Vezina Trophy finalist. After playing understudy to Tim Thomas in Boston, the Finn is ready for prime time. He performed well when given starts over the last few years, and with a solid defense in front of him, Rask could post huge numbers. I expect the Bruins to be among the Eastern Conference leaders in the Win column too, which does wonders for a goalie’s confidence.

6. Neither Crosby nor Malkin will win the scoring title. Sure I think both guys will be in the top 5. Heck, I even think the Pens could win the President’s Trophy. But there’s a deep pool of point-getters right behind them, including guys like Giroux, Sedin (either one), Stamkos, and even Toews.

5. Dallas makes the playoffs, and gets big help from Jagr. When I looked at the Stars depth chart the other day, my eyes opened wide. Jagr, Benn, Eriksson, Whitney, Roy, Ryder, Morrow, Goligoski, Robidas. Sure they’ve got some issues, but this just smells like a team that could surprise some people. Plus, they were in great position to make the postseason last year before a late season slump dropped them from the top-8.

4. Stamkos will score 40 goals… Ovechkin will score less than 20. As you can see I really like the Lightning this year, and think that Steven Stamkos is poised for a stellar scoring campaign. As for the Caps top scorer, Ovie’s scoring has dried up in the last few years and it’s evident that he has been unable to adjust his game since defenders have adapted and started stopping him. With the weight of a franchise on his shoulders, the Great-8 is already feeling the pressure.

3. The Ducks contend for a division title. After Bruce Boudreau took over last year, the Ducks started to come to life. Almost like Emilio Estevez joining forces with Disney’s Mighty Ducks. Regardless, there’s a lot of talent in Anaheim, and Boudreau has a knack for getting the most out of his offensive players. If Getzlaf and Perry start cranking on all cylinders, the Ducks could be flying high in May.

2. The Minnesota Wild will miss the playoffs. Signing Parise and Suter in the offeason were great moves for the Wild, but two players do not win games alone. Sure Parise will spark an offense and maybe get some more out of Heatley and others, but Minnesota scored far fewer goals than anyone else in the league last year, and they’ll likely need a few more additions before a cohesive offensive threat can materialize.

1. The Kings will miss the playoffs. Some people are picking LA as their feel-good repeat Western Conference Champs; most people at least have them as division champs and at the very least a playoff team. I see things differently. A lack in scoring and reliance on a Goaltender with a bad back smells like trouble. Darryl Sutter’s system will win LA some games, don’t get me wrong, but we also need to keep in mind that this is a team that squeaked into the postseason last go around, and hasn’t done much to bolster their squad since then.

In the end, several (possibly many) of these might flop entirely, but it’s fun to look back at the end of the year and say, “wow, going into the season I never imagined things playing out this way.” I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see what things are in store for us this year. Enjoy!

2013 NHL Preview

Ok, we’ve all gotten the lock-out bitterness out of our systems right? ok, well if you’re still angry, please read elsewhere because WhitSport is moving forward! I’m proud to present a quick look at what to expect for the 48 game season that the NHL will conduct in the coming months.

The last time the NHL salvaged a strike-shortened season (1995) there were also 48 games played, with the Devils taking home the Stanley Cup in the end. Many teams think their teams can get hot and make a run at the playoffs this year, despite disappointing results in 2012. Back in ’95 this was not the case, as only 3 teams who made the playoffs in ’94 failed to do so after the lockout. This does not bode well for teams like the Maple Leafs, Oilers, and Islanders who are looking to end long playoff droughts. Last year saw tons of drama with more upsets than ever before in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The LA Kings took home Lord Stanley’s trophy, and in the process, became the first 8th seed to win the Cup.

With the amount of craziness that continues to go on display once the Playoffs roll around, it becomes nearly impossible to predict who will be vying for the Cup in June. Nevertheless, let’s have a go!


1. Penguins– with Crosby healthy, and Malkin already warmed up after playing in Russia, the Pens, who finished just 1 point behind the Rangers for the top spot in the East last year, look to avenge their early post-season departure with a deep run this season
2. Bruins– the B’s are a fairly young team and showed some consistency last year after winning their division for the 2nd straight season. Plus, with Tim Thomas on sabbatical, it’s Tuuka time!!
3. Capitals– with new coach Adam Oates around, the culture should improve in Washington. Ovechkin seems to be returning to normal, and may be given a longer leash than he had under Dale Hunter.
4. Rangers– John Tortorella certainly won’t let his foot off the pedal now. The Rangers have the personnel to make a great run, only questions surround whether Rick Nash, Marian Gaborik, and company can all live up to their billing.
5. Devils– it’d be hard to put the reigning Conference Champs any lower, with Brodeur back and rested, this young team could prove why last spring was no fluke. Watch out for emerging young stars like Henrique and Larsson.
6. Sabres– Nice additions in the offseason. If Ryan Miller steps back up to the level we know he can play, Buffalo has a shot to make some waves.
7. Flyers– with the goaltending situation at a crossroads, there could be bumps along the road. A solid scoring department may barely save them
8. Lightning– I’m expecting a big year from Stamkos. If the defense can improve, even just slightly, they’ll be in the mix.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
9. Panthers– they’re just one of those teams who played well last year, but a shortened season could prove fatal, only saving grace is their division
10. Jets– I like what they’re doing here. Their young consortium of talent is progressing nicely, but might be a goaltender away from the playoffs
11. Senators– I just don’t see enough here to warrant another playoff run, especially since the odds of Eric Karlsson putting up similar #’s to last year are slim
12. Canadiens– slight improvement over last year, but seriously need some scorers to contend for the playoffs again.
13. Islanders– this high? really? I think Tavares has his break out season, but a hefty schedule against the rest of the Atlantic keep the Isles humbled.
14. Hurricanes– the decline has been quick, and shows no signs of turning around this year. Contracts like Jordan Staal and Alex Semin have bad news written all over them.
15. Maple Leafs– goaltending is too flaky, and scoring is too thin behind Kessel. Bottom of the barrel here.


1. Blues– Ken Hitchcock was St. Louis’ savior a year ago, and they aren’t about to turn back now. Expect the Blues to continue stifling defensive play throughout the year.
2. Canucks– Roberto Luongo is as good as gone, but Schneider is more than capable, and all of the offensive weapons are back. They should contend for the President’s Trophy again
3. Coyotes– this team continues to impress despite a major lack of star power. I like Mike Smith to have another great year in net.
4. Blackhawks– I think the Blackhawks, now healthy, should put together a nice season. Patrick Kane is poised for a bounce-back campaign.
5. Ducks– yep this is my sleeper pick. Bruce Boudreau had this squad playing back up to their potential last year, but ran out time to snag a playoff berth. Look for bounce back years for Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf
6. Red Wings– losing Nik Lidstrom might take more of a toll than some people think. I like their young talent a lot, but it’d be crazy to put them too much higher.
7. Predators– With Rinne back, they’re pretty much a lock for a playoff spot. Some worries about loss of Suter, but signing Hal Gill and re-signing others will help.
8. Stars- could repeat last year and get off to a red-hot start, but this time, a shortened schedule means they make the cut in April.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
9. Kings- what?! how could I leave the defending champs out of the playoffs? First off, they sneaked in as an 8-seed, and secondly, they’ve still got some major questions on offense
10. Sharks– we saw the decline begin last year, they have some good young players, but not enough depth.
11. Wild– two huge signings, but you need 4 full lines to make a decent NHL team. They could make things interesting if net-minder Niklas Backstrom stays healthy.
12. Avalanche– lots of good young talent, but really just too young for a playoff sprint (their Captain is only 20 years old!).
13. Oilers– just too much talent to finish any lower. Looking forward to seeing Yakupov and his new friends in action, even if the wins aren’t plentiful.
14. Flames– last year they did their normal routine and limped out of contention as the months dragged on. With an aging squad I don’t see much improvement on the horizon
15. Blue Jackets– just nothing here to think they’ll finish above bottom. With Nash gone they can begin to rebuild

In terms of pre-season Cup picks, I have never even been close to correct, but I’ll made some silly picks anyway…

Rangers fans hope to light em up with King Henry this summer

Stanley Cup: Rangers over Blues
Conn Smythe (Playoff MVP): Henrik Lundqvist
Hart (Reg Season MVP): Claude Giroux
Art Ross (Most Points): Claude Giroux
Rocket Richard (Most Goals): Steven Stamkos
Vezina (Best Goalie): Mike Smith
Norris (Best Defenseman): Kris Letang
Calder (Best Rookie): Nail Yakupov
Jack Adams (Best Coach): Adam Oates

Any comments, disagreements, praise, questions, quips, queries, and quandaries are all welcomed here. Looking forward to the puck finally dropping!

NHL: 2011 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions

Before the NBA playoffs get cranking, and ESPN drools all over guys like Lebron on Kobe, let’s give the guys on ice some love… The NHL’s Stanley Cup is highly regarded as one of the toughest trophies to take home. The amount of physical and mental toughness these athletes need in order to win 16 games between April and June cannot be found elsewhere in sports. Despite the lack of this product on mainstream media, the Stanley Cup Playoffs kick off tonight in Washington, Detroit, Anaheim, Pittsburgh, and Vancouver. While this post-season starts without big names such as Crosby, Malkin, Kopitar, Pronger, and Zetterberg on the ice, some of these fine players may make an appearance (more on that later).

Here’s a quick breakdown of each series, followed by Whitsport’s Official Picks


#1 Capitals vs #8 Rangers
The Rangers nearly ousted the Caps just two seasons ago, and they look like the team that could do it again, but they’re not. Marian Gaborik has sputtered offensively this year, and their engine (Ryan Callahan) is lost for the season due to injury. The Caps may still be winning games by narrow margins, but they’re winning, which is all that matters in April.
Whit’s Pick: Caps in 5
X-Factor: Alex Ovechkin – must score if Caps are to believe in themselves

Vanek and company look to continue melting the ice in the playoffs

#2 Flyers vs #7 Sabres

The Flyers made a valiant effort last Spring going through a wild ride all the way to the Cup Finals. But this team, now plus a rookie netminder (Bobrovsky), and minus a stout defenseman (Pronger) smells like an upset victim. The Sabres are the NHL’s hottest team right now, even without Olympic hero Ryan Miller.
Whit’s Pick: Sabres in 7
X-Factor: Thomas Vanek – hottest scorer enetering playoffs

#3 Bruins vs #6 Canadiens
This is the juciest matchup in the opening round this year (and every year for that matter). Habs vs B’s is always a classic, and despite the Chara hit a few weeks back, was always going to be highly contested, and full of angst. I like hot goal-tenders in the playoffs, and can see a battle in this one. Thomas vs Price is a showdown for the ages. Which offense will be able to break through?
Whit’s Pick: Canadiens in 7
X-Factor: Mike Cammalleri – heated up this time last year

Flowers is notorious for getting hot around this time of the year

#4 Penguins vs #5 Lightning
The Pens will likely be without Sidney Crosby, so let’s assume he stops stealing headlines, and never plays a game in this series. Stamkos will make his playoff debut, and will progress with the help of St. Louis and Lecavalier right? Perhaps not… The two clubs split their 4 games during the regular season, so expect another long, yet tight series.
Whit’s Pick: Penguins in 6
X-Factor: Marc Andre Fleury – been in this spot several times already


#1 Canucks vs #8 Blackhawks
In the first of several repeat-matchups, NHL-best Vancouver will attempt to get a huge monkey off their back. Chicago has beaten them in 2 straight playoff series, and Canucks fans feel that this is their year. I can’t disagree, the Blackhawks have an unproven goalie, and a shell of the team that won the Cup a year ago.
Whit’s Pick: Canucks in 6
X-Factor: Ryan Kesler – might not be a twin, but is a threat to Chicago

The Fin has already hoisted one Cup...

#2 Sharks vs #7 Kings
The Sharks finally proved they can make a deepish playoff run, and with LA floundering, their first step to a Cup run looks easier than others in the West. Look for the Sharks to continue their winning ways, and even take a sniff at a sweep in So-Cal. San Jose’s got a goalie with a ring on his finger, which makes them a dangerous team right now.
Whit’s Pick: Sharks in 5
X-Factor: Antti Niemi – last years unknown, but this years… unknown?

Datsyuk has Conne Smythe winning potential

#3 Red Wings vs #6 Coyotes

The ‘Yotes played Detroit to the wire last year, and were solid behind netminder Bryzgalov. Without Zetterberg for at least Game 1, Phoenix will try and gain an early series lead in Mo-Town. Look for experience and depth to carry the Red Wings through though. It’s not often that this team gets bounced early from the playoffs.
Whit’s Pick: Wings in 6
X-Factor: Pavel Datsyuk – quiet killer in the post-season

#4 Ducks vs #5 Predators
At the beginning of the week, I had started touting Nashville as the Round 1 upset special. It seems I wasn’t alone. Despite the Ducks awesome #1 line of Getzlaf, Perry, and Ryan, they’ll have to contend with a Predators team who actually has a nice balance of youth and veterans who have been-there-done-that. Anaheim has a big question mark in net, which could tilt the series either way.
Whit’s Pick: Preds in 7
X-Factor: Pekka Rinne – will burst onto the scene as this years breakout performer

So who’s marching to the Cup? Whitsport thinks the Canucks and Sharks are both good bets to head to the Finals in the West, while the Capitals and Penguins could meet for a Winter Classic rematch.

Here’s my real upset special: Sharks over the Capitals in the Stanley Cup Finals. Thornton, Heatley, and Boyle ride their hot/experienced goalie to glory. Lock it in folks! (p.s. I wanted to pick the Canucks, but everyone else is, so let’s mix things up a bit)

On a side note: Die-hard hockey fans know where to find the product, but casual viewers can turn to the VS channel to catch most games, with NBC nabbing one game on both Saturdays and Sundays. Check here for a simple to understand viewing guide from Yahoo! Sports

Total Winter Classic Preview

Forecast, January 1, 2011: Temperatures around 50°F… Cloudy with Rain Showers likely… Hardly the weather NHL execs had hoped when deciding on having their annual bonanza in Pittsburgh. However, it seems as though the game may go off, and could still be a huge success. Should the game be delayed until Sunday, the teams will still likely come out with the same tenacity and put on a brilliant display of outdoor hockey. Sure TV ratings will likely dip, especially when pitted against the media giant known as the NFL. But who cares? 90% of people planning on watching the game will still likely tune in, at least for a period or two.

NHL Execs are hoping for more of a winter wonderland

But first, I need to address the issue with the selection of the decision made months ago, mainly the teams and location involved in the 2011 Winter Classic. As a Penguins supporter/defender, some might be surprised at my chagrin towards the choices made by Bettman and company. By no means am I a Bettman hater, the man is trying to bring back the sport that stooped to the lowest of lows in 2004, when a lockout cost the league an entire season, and with it TV contracts, sponsorship, and millions of fans across the United States. So monetarily the choice of Penguins vs Capitals was a slam dunk… it brings in the most mula. When you can showcase the leagues two most recognizeable players on the biggest stage, you’ll jump at the chance. Bettman will never get to see Crosby and Ovechkin duke it out in the Stanley Cup Finals, so he’s settling for this. But hockey purists, and even casual fans recognize that this media stunt is a bit forced, and frankly unfair to many other teams, cities, and markets across North America. Fans in Montreal would kill to host a Winter Classic; instead they’ll have to settle for the Flames in a much less hyped “Heritage Classic” in February.

Avery: clearly peeved that the Rangers have yet to play in a Winter Classic

Hockey purists will argue that the annual game should include Original Six Teams first, with NY Rangers, Montreal, and Toronto still having yet to feature in one. But, the main argument is equity. Why should the Pens get a second Winter Classic, before 25 other teams even get to play in one?! I already answered that question above ($). Regardless, let’s take a look at some other matchups that could still draw huge crowds, garner interest, and showcase some of the NHL’s lesser known players and teams:

NY/NJ Rivarly: Rangers vs Devils (New Meadowlands Stadium or Yankee Stadium)

Ovi vs Stamkos: Capitals vs Lightning (FedEx Field)

Battle for Canada: Maple Leafs vs Canadiens (Rogers Centre… roof open)

Gretzky Game: Oilers vs Kings (Commonwealth Stadium)

If the NHL was still insistent on having Crosby vs Ovechkin, why not have the game in Washington? FedEx field, RFK, Nationals Park… they’d all be great locations. How about this for a radical idea… have the game on the national mall… right there, in front of the most iconic monuments in America. If DC can cram a million people in for the Obama inauguration, I’m sure they can fit 80,000 in for a hockey game.

Back to business: HBO’s coverage of the two teams have provided more hype than usual, has let us into the inner workings of a hockey team, and especially what coaches say when their teams struggle (see Bruce Boudreau). The Pens are flying high, winning 16 of their last 20 games, and scoring the second most goals in the NHL. The Caps are reeling, after losing 8 in a row, they’re just now starting to recover, and still cling to their division lead. So what should we expect? For starters, expect a close game: 9 out of their last 13 contests have been decided by just 1 goal, with 6 of those games going to Overtime.

The rivalry continues? Expect a calmer game, for the sake of the NHL

With that being said, let’s get into the game itself:

Injury Report:

Capitals: Matt Bradley, Boyd Gordon OUT… Tom Poti, Mattieu Perrault QUES.

Penguins: Mike Comrie, Jordan Staal OUT… Eric Godard DOUBTFUL

Expected Lines:


Off: 1-Ovechkin, Backstrom, Knuble… 2-Laich, Johansson, Semin… 3-Chimera, Beagle, Fehr… 4-Hendricks, Steckel, Perrault

Def: 1-Green, Hannan… 2-Erskine, Schultz… 3-Carlson, Alzner

Goalie: Varlamov


Off: 1- Kunitz, Crosby, Dupuis… 2- Talbot, Malkin, Cooke… 3- Conner, Letestu, Kennedy… 4- Rupp, Adams, Asham

Def: 1- Orpik, Letang… 2- Martin, Michalek… 3- Goligoski, Engelland

Goalie: Fleury

Players to watch:

Capitals: Jason Chimera (right)- one of the fastest skaters in the NHL, and is the only Capital with experience playing in a pro game outdoors (1st Heritage Classic with Edmonton).

Penguins: Sidney Crosby- coming off his first point-less game in over a month, he’ll be looking to get back on the score sheet. He also stole this show 3 years ago, scoring the shootout winner in Buffalo.

Well, that’s that. Enjoy the show ladies and gents, no matter when the puck ends up dropping.

2011 NHL Predictions

Well it’s that time of the year again. Pucks are dropping across the continent, and even across the Atlantic on another. Additionally, the Penguins, who nearly left Pittsburgh just 6 years ago, unveil their new arena this evening (unfortunately it no longer looks like an igloo).

As temperatures cool, the feeling of fall is certainly here, and that can mean only one thing… HOCKEY IS BACK! Here’s a quick look at WhitSport’s predictions for the 2010-2011 NHL Season. Another great campaign can be assured, including an All Star Weekend, Live from Carolina!

Possible All-Star Squads:
EAST: (Fwds) Ovechkin, Crosby, Backstrom, Stamkos, Cammalleri, Gaborik, Okposo, M Richards, Kessel, Parise, E Staal, Weiss  (Def) Chara, M Green, Gonchar, Markov, Pronger, Enstrom  (Goalie) Brodeur, Ward, Miller

WEST: (Fwds) Heatley, H Sedin, Kane, Perry, Nash, Kopitar, Datsyuk, Iginla, Stasny, Hemsky, Latendresse, Doan  (Def) Lidstrom, Boyle, Weber, Robidas, Doughty, Keith (Goalie) Halak, Luongo, Howard

The playoffs can be hard to predict, and there’s always a few changes to the teams in and out from one year to the next. So I’ve included a few surprises, as well as some “well duh” picks…

Predicted Playoff Seeds:

1. Capitals

2. Penguins
3. Bruins
4. Devils
5. Lightning
6. Flyers
7. Rangers
8. Hurricanes

1. Red Wings

2. Sharks
3. Canucks
4. Coyotes
5. Blackhawks
6. Blues
7. Stars
8. Wild

Conference Finals:

Capitals over Bruins

– – –

Canucks over Red Wings

2011 Stanley Cup: Capitals over Canucks

While the end of the season awards always bring debate, one of the nice things is that looking back, not many people see some of the winners coming at all. Well this is a year of redemption I believe. Look for Ovechkin to just run away with trophies, including the one that matters the most… His teammate Mike Green will finally get his due, and play enough defense to take home his coveted crown. As for the rest of the hardware, well check it out…

End of Season Award Wrap-up

Conne Smyth: Niklas Backstrom (WAS)

Hart Trophy: Alex Ovechkin (WAS)

Vezina: Martin Brodeur (NJD)

Calder: Jeff Skinner (CAR)

Art Ross: Alex Ovechkin (WAS)

Norris: Mike Green (WAS)

Jack Adams: Guy Boucher (TB)

Jennings: Theordore & Backstrom (MIN)


In Soviet Russia, ice-rink made of vodka


Thanks for reading and be sure to visit the 2010-11 NHL Preview Page for an in depth view into each division and a look at what your team might expect in the coming season. Enjoy puck heads!

10 Players Who Aren’t on Your Radar… and Should Be

In an effort to keep the buzz up, with hockey’s first face-off just days away, WhitSport presents the guys you’ll want to keep in your scope. Some may have breakout years, others may flame out… While not all of these players are rookies or completely unknown, WhitSport would like you to keep an eye on these players, as they step into big years for their respective teams.

Pavelski... lost without the power of the blonde beard

Joe Pavelski – C – Sharks… this youngster came alive during the post-season last year, and will likely carry over into this season. Playing on a line with Setoguchi and Clowe will certainly help.

John Carlson – D – Capitals… played just 29 games last year, but looked solid in the playoffs, and will pair well with veteran Tom Poti, allowing him to wander up on offense at times. Another Mike Green perhaps?

Bobby Ryan – C – Ducks… the big forward from NJ has already amassed 131 points in 168 NHL games, and is part of one of the league’s most potent first lines alongside Getzlaf and Perry.

Evander Kane – LW – Thrashers… someone’s gotta take over for Kovalchuk, why not another teenage sensation? He found his goalscoring touch just before the Olympic break last year

Just what Philly needs, another goalie controversy

Sergei Bobrovsky – G – Flyers… or “Bob” as they call him in Philly, looks poised to take over in net, when yet another rash of injuries occurs in the City of Brotherly Love.

Johnny Boychuk – D – Bruins… Big Z isn’t the only Bruin with a wicked slapper and massive checking ability. Boom Boom broke out in the
AHL two seasons ago, and is on the verge of becoming a household name in the pros

Greene will be heavily relied upon in a new-look NJ defense

Andy Greene – D – Devils… with the loss of Paul Martin, Greene becomes the Devil’s most important defender in the uber-defensive Lamoriello system. He was also 5th on the team in points, and first in blocked shots a year ago.

Chris Stewart – RW – Avalanche… nearly fell out of playoff contention late last season, but the big winger catapulted to 64 points last year, and looks to showcase a more complete/consistent body of work this year.

Steve Downie – RW – Lightning… lives dangerously, and will likely grab most headlines for goon-like acts, but the Bolts’ winger also tallied 22 goals last year and looks to do the same in a potent offense this season.

Brian Elliott – G – Senators… when given the chance, Elliott has stepped in a played very well. So why would a guy who’s won 45 games as a backup goalie continually get to ride the pine for the Sens? You’ll need to ask Cory Clouston.

Any you think we missed? please share…