2013/14 Premier League Kits – the Best and the Worst


#5 WEST BROM – BOTH: Adidas didn’t do too much to mess this one up. Colors on both strips look nice, and the finished product pops on both (unlike Stoke’s offense)

#4- CRYSTAL PALACE – BOTH: Fans are happy about the return of the two-toned half and half look, while the sash on the away strip is equally popular

#3- CHELSEA – HOME: while other top clubs like Man United and Arsenal have had some very lackluster kit variations in recent years, Chelsea has retained a classy yet modern look year after year

#2- MAN CITY – AWAY: while Nike has muddled with overly simple (bland) designs as of late, this one is a stylish yet imposing look.

#1- ARSENAL – AWAY: I’m not an Arsenal fan, and often don’t like their kits, especially since moving to Nike, but this one is what Gunners fans have been waiting for. An ode to the days of glory, with an overall sharp presentation featuring the old-school alternate color scheme.



#5- ASTON VILLA – AWAY: while some like the look, most people are not fans. Luckily, not the worst geometric second kit on the list…

#4 CARDIFF- HOME: this misstep is all in the non-matching shorts. Management finally caved and moved to black shorts after this ruby-red with brick-red turned into a minor uprising.

#3 HULL CITY- AWAY: Yep, this is Hull City, the Tigers famously wearing their black and oran…. wait, huh?

#2 SWANSEA – AWAY: After such a success with both home and away kits last year, they pulled a near 180 for 2013/14. Home strip isn’t terrible, but many people are questioning their thinking with the gold and purple change kit.

#1 LIVERPOOL – BOTH ALTERNATES : the Reds’ second kit was instantly panned, especially after Jose Enrique’s less than excited pose with the new design…

their third kit maybe isn’t as bad because it doesn’t look like the players are in need of a Rolaids or Pepcid. Regardless, this kit looks like the Villa kit (see #5) and went all Picasso on it.


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