EPL Fantasy Football Failures

Three weeks into to season and I’m pretty much ready to blow up my team. As an avid player of the Official Premier League Fantasy game, I spent countless hours researching who I’d place on my team to start the season. The toughest part is making things work with the budget of just £100. Not only was I able to do this, but I can boast that I have more star players than most others in our league. Going into the year, I had a pretty good feeling about my squad.

As a top 3 finisher in my league in each of the past three seasons, I figured I’d be somewhere near the top of the table at this point in the year. I had plenty of time to research which players would be one’s to start off the year hot, and which one’s would simply be in the line-up week in and week out. I am comfortable with the latter point, almost all of my players have played 90 minutes each game thus far. My ability to pick the players who would light up the scoreboard was slightly off however…

Here’s a quick look at my starting XI:
GK: Given (AV)
DEF: Cole (CH), Hughes (FU), Kompany (MC)
MID: Malouda (CH), Nani (MU), Moses (WI), Yaya Toure (MC)
FWD: Bent (AV), Carroll (LI), Holt (NC)

Needless to say, less than stellar. But let me take you behind the thought processes, and we’ll see just where I went wrong. In doing so, we’ll hope to come away with some valuable lessons on picking between two players.

Nani vs Ashley Young– opted for Nani due to the fact that he’s a proven Man United player, and Young’s new to the squad. It will take him time to gel, right?

Carroll vs Suarez– Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish said he’d give Suarez a rest after coming off a busy summer with Uruguay. 14 points his first two weeks, some rest.

Bent vs Aguero– the English striker was a guaranteed starter week 1, between Dzeko, Aguero, Tevez, and Balotelli only Mancini knew who’d start. Missed out on at least 17 points

A paltry Week 1 for midfielders and strikers

Overall, we can always look back and say, shoulda-woulda-coulda, especially since hindsight is 20/20. But, when you’re debating between two players, and the one you pass on is the top performer, you certainly want to kick yourself. Whitsport vows to return to prominence, but it may take some time. Transfers for Aguero, Suarez, and Young have been made, but they seem to be wasted transfers at this point, since I nearly had them on my squad to start the year. “Oh well,” that’s all I can say… hoping for goals, and more goals going forward…

Happy hunting fantasy players.


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