Transfer Madness

AVB likes Portuguese players, Man United didn’t buy Sneijder, Arsenal’s website crashed, and Uncle ‘Arry really likes talking to reporters through the window of his car… that’s all you really need to know about the final day of the transfer window in the Premier League. But just for fun, here’s a few other thoughts on the penultimate day of the wheeling and dealing:

This time, Tottenham got things right. Signing Scott Parker and getting rid of Crouch and Palacios. On the flip side, Alan Hutton impressed me last year, and may be missed if Corluka doesn’t stay healthy.

Wenger also got it right. Whether or not it was him or the Arsenal board who decided to open the checkbooks, they did so many things by signing 4 players yesterday… 1- appease fans CHECK… 2- sign defenders CHECK… 3- add veterans (non-teenagers) DOUBLE CHECK… 4- win trophies? We’ll wait to see on that one. Crisis averted, as of now.

The Portuguese revolution continues at the Bridge. Andres Villas-Boaz clearly has an afinity for certain players. Handing Jose Bosingwa 3 starts was one thing, signing Raul Miereles was another. They may not have landed Modric, but Chelsea certainly added some nice talent and depth at midfield.

Liverpool continues to make all the right moves. Sending Poulsen and Joe Cole packing was smart. Signing Craig Bellamy was even smarter. When Andy Carroll turns out to be a bust, trust me he will, guys like Suarez and Kuyt will need help up front. Bellamy to the rescue, and I’m happy to see him anywhere but the City bench right now.

Speaking of which, the rumblings out of Eastlands on Wednesday were odd. Man City actually did a lot on the final day of the transfer window, despite not signing anyone, yes this includes Owen Hargreaves. Although the British media was all over this story, we all know he’ll do very little on the pitch for Mancini this year. Can anyone explain this signing? Moreover, letting go of their excess players was a nice gesture, guys like Shawn Wright Phillips deserve first team football elsewhere.

And finally, Tim Cahill has one word for Everton… really? Losing Arteta, Beckford, and Yakubu all in the same day, with nobody coming the other way? Looks like it’s all up to the Aussie to score their goals. Could be a rough season for Toffees fans



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