Lukaku to Chelsea a Done Deal

After over a week of questions and worries, Blues fans can sleep easy. They’ve officially nabbed the “next Drogba”. The 18 year old Belgian certainly has some time before making an impact at Stamford Bridge, but Andres Villas-Boaz‘s first big signing can certainly be considered a good one thus far. The highly rated forward already has a body built to play in the Premier League, and it seems the ambition to go along with it.

Romelu Lukaku impressed heavily during his 2 years with Anderlecht. As just 16, he was the Belgian First Division’s top scorer, and his added 8 goals in 2 European campaigns also looks nice on the resume. But Lukaku’s real zest seems to be his own personal desire. After visiting Stamford Bridge on a field trip, he was nearly reduced to tears, and vowed to be ecstatic if he ever got the chance to play at the famous West London stadium. It looks like he’ll be getting the chance to do that on a regular basis very soon.

Drogba = Role Model?

So what’s next for the teenage sensation? It appears Lukaku will be following in the footsteps of the famous Chelsea players before him. He’s most excited about “shaking hands with all those players like John Terry and Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba”. The final one cannot be omitted, since so many comparisons have already been drawn to the Ivorian.

Since Didier still has a locker at the Bridge, I’m sure the young Belgian will look on and emulate his every move. But this brings us to the big question. Is emulating Didier Drogba a good idea? Certainly, the words Drogba and role model have seldom been used in the same sentence. Lest we forget the coin throwing incident? the referee directed slurs? the sending off in the Champions League Final?the list goes on…

Despite his transgressions, Drogba still may be one to admire rather than admonish. His goal scoring record is top notch, and he remains one of the biggest threats to Premier League defenses. Not only that, but his dedication to Chelsea and football in general can also not be questioned. Throw in his charitable work in Africa, and you have quite a human being.

Footballers will always be criticized for things they do on the pitch, and off. Words are often ill-chosen when speaking with the media. In the end, players’ legacies are defined by two things, success on the pitch and overall impact at a club. Drogba has certainly lived up to the £24 million he was purchased for, scoring 144 times in 307 games. Bottom line? Lukaku can only hope to do the same. Best of luck to the youngster, he may be in good hands after all.


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