Cesc Finally Gone… What awaits Wenger?

What else could go wrong at the Emirates? After all of the transfer speculation swirling throughout the tumultuous summer, Arsenal finally kicked off on Saturday. They did so with a bang, but not quite the same bang as Man City. The bang I speak of is that involving some ugly incidents that will likely leave Alex Song and Gervinho missing the team’s next few matches. Joey Barton did little to improve his reputation, but at least Newcastle came away with a point, and Arsenal was left wondering how even more drama ensued.

Feel free to print this picture out and burn it Gunners fans

With the Cesc saga finally behind them, Arsenal now looks to move forward towards a new horizon. The only problem is that their path to glory has many question marks, and even more obstacles.  It’s almost as if Arsene Wenger has signed fans up for a large-scale re-enactment of the Oregon Trail. Jack Wilshere is sick with measles (ankle), Van Persie suffered from a snakebite (suspended), Rosicky has dysentery (groin), and Gervinho recently came down with typhoid (3 match PL ban). Not to leave out Nasri who just decided that Wenger’s hunting skills weren’t up to snuff, so he bailed on the wagon altogether, bad-mouthing the fans on the way back to town.

Thank God Mary doesn't play for Arsenal

Many Arsenal fans believe Wenger can fix the broken wagon wheel, by signing a few players. Mata, Jadson, Samba, and Dann are all names being rumored. But so far, the only thing Arsene has done is bought another Ox (Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, see what I did there?). It is certainly a frustrating time if you’re a Gooner. With the Champions League spot in the balance and the squad uncertainty still looming, some are wondering if the worst is still to come. Arsenal could quash some of these fears by taking the first leg from Udinese, but there’s still a wide river waiting up ahead for Wenger’s Wagon of Worries.

Some Arsenal fans wish Wenger had passed on the new Ox and opted for more ammunition... pun intended

The river holds consecutive games against Liverpool and Man United, so it looks like Arsenal can’t take the Ferry… they’re going to have to ford the river. If they’re lucky, the Gunners could squeak across to the other side without anyone drowning. In a literal sense, Arsenal fans will be happy with a draw from each game, and no more injuries or suspensions. Their squad seems thin right now, but the main reason this condition exists is because Wenger hasn’t shown much in the way of playing time for fringe players.

Wenger will undoubtedly be forced to start introducing some of the younger players if he loses his remaining unsettled attackers, Nasri and Bendtner. If the first game of the season showed us anything, it’s that the defense may be better off than originally thought; the inability to score could be creeping into the minds of fans, however. Let’s take a look at who may be poised for upcoming roles in the Arsenal attack:

Aaron Ramsey– has already been selected as Fabregas’ replacement. Though he’s not the same player, Ramsey has shown promise filling that role over the past few seasons.

Emmanuel Frimpong–  played 15 minutes against Newcastle, and seemed very intense in hunting down the ball. His energy could be useful in sparking the team on the pitch

Joel Campbell– likely too young for Wenger, but injuries up front could thrust the young Costa Rican into the line-up.

Rio Miyachi– the crafty Japanese forward could be a sleeper this year. If he gets on the pitch and impresses, he could very well nab Arshavin’s starting role.

So despite thieves stealing the Gunners’ oxen, and the medical staff running out of provisions, Arsenal will still likely finish towards the top of the table. No matter how the game plays out for Arsenal, the fans will also remain. But an unsuccessful wagon adventure could leave Wenger falling short of his Manifest Destiny come next season…  Champions League play.


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      Nice blog mate. Thanks for checking mine out as well

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