2011 PFA = Pretty Fuzzy Announcements

Is it just me? Is anyone else confused about the award show last night? I have just a few questions on the recent announcements of the Professional Footballers’ Association votings…

Gareth Bale loves you!... and that ball hes running off with!

#1 Gareth Bale: Let me begin by saying I have a love affair with the Welshman. Not only did I pick him to be Spurs best player this year (link), but I’d say he’s in the list of the top 5 players I most enjoy watching on the pitch. However, how can a man who missed the better part of 2 months, and hasn’t scored since January 1st win the player of the year? Was it a half year award? If so, Gareth’s your man, and his rise to prominence was certainly spectacular. Regardless, I am still looking for an explanation as to how a relatively full season of spectacular performances is not a prerequisite for this award…

Other options:

The Scot was furious after finding out he hadnt won Player of the Year

Nani: The Portuguese winger tallied 10 Goals and 14 Assists, and is the main reason for United’s position atop the Premier League table
Charlie Adam: THE reason Blackpool isn’t bottom of the league right now, he’s the heart and soul of the club, and he did more for his team than any other player in the PL this season
Carlos Tevez: the source of goals at Eastlands during a time when they were hard to come by. Main reason they’re in Champions League contention this year

Ill let this photo speak for itself

#2 – Jack Wilshere? Really? The recently crowned PFA Young Player of the Year is even less deserving than Bale in my view. He’s behind one of his own teammates (Nasri) for goodness sake! I understand his role on the pitch, and don’t expect him to pour in goals or lead the team on the stat sheet, but I just don’t see it folks. If I had a vote… Joe Hart would be my winner, just take one look at Man City’s defensive record… he’s the reason they’ve kept 14 clean sheets. Hell, even Chicharito has scored 18 times for Man United after moving from half way across the globe.

#3 –Team of the Year? I have fewer issues with this one, seems like they got things mostly right. Van der Sar, A Cole, Vidic, Kompany, and Sagna were all great… Tevez and Berbatov were the best forwards in the game… but again we come to the midfield, instead of guys like Charlie Adam, Dirk Kuyt, Scott Parker, and Rafael Van der Vaart we’ve again placed Jack Wilshere and his solitary goal at midfield, and as one of the 11 best players in English football. Still doesn’t pass the smell test.

"I looked way cooler than Bale when accepting my award" ~ Christiano

Overall, I guess it feels like we’re getting ahead of ourselves, the English media has declared Wilshere and Bale the futures of their respective countries. I have no problem with this. I would also have no problem with naming either player something like “Breakout Player of the Year”. I understand this is the player’s choice, but to me, I think they’ve got it wrong here. Perhaps they’ve bought into the hype as well.


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