NHL: 2011 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions

Before the NBA playoffs get cranking, and ESPN drools all over guys like Lebron on Kobe, let’s give the guys on ice some love… The NHL’s Stanley Cup is highly regarded as one of the toughest trophies to take home. The amount of physical and mental toughness these athletes need in order to win 16 games between April and June cannot be found elsewhere in sports. Despite the lack of this product on mainstream media, the Stanley Cup Playoffs kick off tonight in Washington, Detroit, Anaheim, Pittsburgh, and Vancouver. While this post-season starts without big names such as Crosby, Malkin, Kopitar, Pronger, and Zetterberg on the ice, some of these fine players may make an appearance (more on that later).

Here’s a quick breakdown of each series, followed by Whitsport’s Official Picks


#1 Capitals vs #8 Rangers
The Rangers nearly ousted the Caps just two seasons ago, and they look like the team that could do it again, but they’re not. Marian Gaborik has sputtered offensively this year, and their engine (Ryan Callahan) is lost for the season due to injury. The Caps may still be winning games by narrow margins, but they’re winning, which is all that matters in April.
Whit’s Pick: Caps in 5
X-Factor: Alex Ovechkin – must score if Caps are to believe in themselves

Vanek and company look to continue melting the ice in the playoffs

#2 Flyers vs #7 Sabres

The Flyers made a valiant effort last Spring going through a wild ride all the way to the Cup Finals. But this team, now plus a rookie netminder (Bobrovsky), and minus a stout defenseman (Pronger) smells like an upset victim. The Sabres are the NHL’s hottest team right now, even without Olympic hero Ryan Miller.
Whit’s Pick: Sabres in 7
X-Factor: Thomas Vanek – hottest scorer enetering playoffs

#3 Bruins vs #6 Canadiens
This is the juciest matchup in the opening round this year (and every year for that matter). Habs vs B’s is always a classic, and despite the Chara hit a few weeks back, was always going to be highly contested, and full of angst. I like hot goal-tenders in the playoffs, and can see a battle in this one. Thomas vs Price is a showdown for the ages. Which offense will be able to break through?
Whit’s Pick: Canadiens in 7
X-Factor: Mike Cammalleri – heated up this time last year

Flowers is notorious for getting hot around this time of the year

#4 Penguins vs #5 Lightning
The Pens will likely be without Sidney Crosby, so let’s assume he stops stealing headlines, and never plays a game in this series. Stamkos will make his playoff debut, and will progress with the help of St. Louis and Lecavalier right? Perhaps not… The two clubs split their 4 games during the regular season, so expect another long, yet tight series.
Whit’s Pick: Penguins in 6
X-Factor: Marc Andre Fleury – been in this spot several times already


#1 Canucks vs #8 Blackhawks
In the first of several repeat-matchups, NHL-best Vancouver will attempt to get a huge monkey off their back. Chicago has beaten them in 2 straight playoff series, and Canucks fans feel that this is their year. I can’t disagree, the Blackhawks have an unproven goalie, and a shell of the team that won the Cup a year ago.
Whit’s Pick: Canucks in 6
X-Factor: Ryan Kesler – might not be a twin, but is a threat to Chicago

The Fin has already hoisted one Cup...

#2 Sharks vs #7 Kings
The Sharks finally proved they can make a deepish playoff run, and with LA floundering, their first step to a Cup run looks easier than others in the West. Look for the Sharks to continue their winning ways, and even take a sniff at a sweep in So-Cal. San Jose’s got a goalie with a ring on his finger, which makes them a dangerous team right now.
Whit’s Pick: Sharks in 5
X-Factor: Antti Niemi – last years unknown, but this years… unknown?

Datsyuk has Conne Smythe winning potential

#3 Red Wings vs #6 Coyotes

The ‘Yotes played Detroit to the wire last year, and were solid behind netminder Bryzgalov. Without Zetterberg for at least Game 1, Phoenix will try and gain an early series lead in Mo-Town. Look for experience and depth to carry the Red Wings through though. It’s not often that this team gets bounced early from the playoffs.
Whit’s Pick: Wings in 6
X-Factor: Pavel Datsyuk – quiet killer in the post-season

#4 Ducks vs #5 Predators
At the beginning of the week, I had started touting Nashville as the Round 1 upset special. It seems I wasn’t alone. Despite the Ducks awesome #1 line of Getzlaf, Perry, and Ryan, they’ll have to contend with a Predators team who actually has a nice balance of youth and veterans who have been-there-done-that. Anaheim has a big question mark in net, which could tilt the series either way.
Whit’s Pick: Preds in 7
X-Factor: Pekka Rinne – will burst onto the scene as this years breakout performer

So who’s marching to the Cup? Whitsport thinks the Canucks and Sharks are both good bets to head to the Finals in the West, while the Capitals and Penguins could meet for a Winter Classic rematch.

Here’s my real upset special: Sharks over the Capitals in the Stanley Cup Finals. Thornton, Heatley, and Boyle ride their hot/experienced goalie to glory. Lock it in folks! (p.s. I wanted to pick the Canucks, but everyone else is, so let’s mix things up a bit)

On a side note: Die-hard hockey fans know where to find the product, but casual viewers can turn to the VS channel to catch most games, with NBC nabbing one game on both Saturdays and Sundays. Check here for a simple to understand viewing guide from Yahoo! Sports


2 Responses to NHL: 2011 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions

  1. newfcollins says:

    Yeah, I had trouble picking the Canucks as well since so many people are choosing them. The Sharks have a good shot, as many people aren’t focussing on them.

    As for the Preds though, I’m worried about their lack of offence. That’s why I’m hestitant to pick them.

  2. As a bruins fan I have to say that I am THRILLED you were wrong about these predictions – Go Bruins!! 🙂

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