Tempers Flare in England!

As the Premier League season gets into full swing, we can count on two things… managerial sackings and player unrest. While the former typically comes first, the latter sometimes steals more headlines. The Wayne Rooney transfer rumors may have gained massive attention, but it now seems like that was ages ago. Rooney penned a new deal, and Man United have looked good ever since, without the help of Rooney in all honesty. But as a new bust-up arises at Eastlands, garnering plenty of chatter amongst the papers, tempers seem to be flaring up elsewhere across the country. Let’s take a closer look:

The media has made a mountain out of a mole-hill (Tevez's row with Mancini)

Carlos Tevez has handed in a transfer request. Man City has denied the request. Those are the facts, but now let the speculation begin… Sky Blue manager Roberto Mancini has said he has not spoken to Tevez since the Argentinian expressed his desire to leave, but insists his relationship with the striker is very good. Fingers now seem to point towards Man City’s management; a fairly easy target considering their expensive transfer swoops with no concern of team chemistry. But perhaps the finger should be pointed at Tevez himself? Lest we forget the unrest we’ve seen at literally every other club he’s played for… The “suffering” under Alex Ferguson… the savoir turned malcontent at West Ham… the insanity at Corinthians… the list goes on. It’s unsure where Tevez will be playing in January, but you can be sure that drama will likely follow him there

I think he's saying "how bout a hug?"

Samir Nasri has also enjoyed good form on the pitch for Arsenal this year, but put a microphone in front of him and the sparks seem to inevitably fly. Earlier last week he began a war of words with countryman Partice Evra, and Sir Alex Ferguson ahead of their clash at Old Trafford. Nasri didn’t just stop there though. New revelations have surfaced in his ongoing feud with another countryman, William Gallas. “I heard him saying it was ‘my loss’ that I hadn’t shaken hands with him. My loss? What the hell is all that about? He has forgotten how he bitched about me.” said Nasri to The Sun. Snarky comments aside, it’s becoming amazing how the brotherhood of being attached to a club is so much deeper than international roots. Just look at the Terry-Bridge non-handshake in February, though that incident had more off the field involvements.

This sums it up perfectly for Roy

In the managerial world, sackings have created quite a stir, as Newcastle sent Chris Houghton packing, to the ire of many (and not just in Newcastle). Sam Allardyce‘s dismissal by Blackburn was a bit more surprising, as Avram Grant and Roy Hodgson seem to be more likely candidates under the ax. Overall, managerial outbursts have been more related to those not departing anytime soon. Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson continued their long running rivalry, exchanging jabs ahead of their showdown last Monday. The Gunner gaffer also spoke out against the pitch conditions at Old Trafford, saying “the technical quality of the game suffered” as a result. Roy Hodgson and Carlo Ancelotti both have given heated statements about why their Big-4 jobs are secure. To throw even more fuel to the fire, Sir Alex has come out and given us a laundry list of reasons why Chelsea won’t win the title with their current squad.

Overall it’s hard to say who’s the bad guy in some of these situations. I’m sure most people can agree that guys like Rooney and Tevez were the causes of their own self-inflicted pain. While it’s also fairly obvious that there’s no reason teammates like Nasri and Gallas can’t get along… aside from that fact that they’re French. On the flip side, I’ll blame the media for Ancelotti’s and Hodgson’s sleepless nights. Until either of their respective clubs come out and say something to the effect of “his job’s on the line”, sackings shouldn’t be mentioned for teams 3rd and 9th in the table. On the other side of the coin, Avram “1 out of 3 or else” Grant has things to worry about these days.

It’s been an entertaining month to say the least; Cantankerous managers, irritable players, and quarrelsome fixtures (with some still come). We’ll see Chelsea v Man United, Arsenal v Chelsea, Arsenal v Man City, Spurs v Man United, and Liverpool v Everton all within the next 30 days. With the opening of the transfer window just 2 weeks away, it looks like another entertaining period is upon us. Now, if only Jose Mourinho still coached in England…


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