NFL Predictions: 2010

Let us take this opportunity to thank God for the finer things in life… it is after all, yet again, once more… FOOTBALL SEASON! So grab your nachos, fire up the grill, and check the cooler, because game time is upon us. First let’s take a look at Whitsport’s picks for division champs and playoff contenders in each division…


East – Miami Dolphins

Why they’ll win? The Fins have an improving defense and can run the heck out of the ball. Seems like the right make-up to me
Player to Watch: Brandon Marshall – WR -could put up some serious numbers, and seems like a favorite target for Chad Henne, duh!

North – Baltimore Ravens

Why they’ll win? with the addition of Anquan Boldin, QB Joe Flacco now seems to have even more options on offense.
Player to Watch: Ray Rice – RB –  looks to carry an even heavier load on ground and through the air after his breakout season.

South – Houston Texans

Why they’ll win? it might be a stretch, but they have one of the most dangerous offenses in the AFC, with good depth across the board.
Player to Watch: Arian Foster- RB – had a monster end of the season last year. Expect more games, more carries, and more happy fantasy owners.

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