Final Thoughts before the World Cup Kicks Off

With less than two days to go before the opening game kicks off between South Africa and Mexico, I can’t take it any more, I need it to start now. Despite my lack of patience, I’ve compiled my final thoughts before the World Cup commences. **Official predictions can be found in the World Cup picks page**

– Group A looks more like the group of death. Home games for South Africa really level the playing field, while France looks vulnerable, and Uruguay and Mexico both look capable of heading into the next round.

-The US is in serious trouble if Jozy Altidore’s ankle flares up. Not much in the way of back-up strikers for Bob Bradley.

– I really like the Netherlands going far in the tourney, except it looks like they’d face Brazil in the quarterfinals. Seems like more of a Final match-up to me, boy what a waste that’d be.

– Italy may not be playing well, but all three match-ups in group F are against teams outside the FIFA Top 30. I guess that’s the benefit of being the defending champs.

– Brazil looks extremely dangerous. I took a closer look at their squad, and the fact that Dani Alves and Thiago Silva warming the bench shows the quality of the men on the pitch.

– The possibility of match-ups like Germany v. England and Spain v. Portugal in the first knockout stage is making me drool.

– Spain will practically field an All-Star team next Wednesday

– Injuries to stars has detracted a bit to the allure of some teams, I’d love to see Ballack don the German shirt once more. Injuries to guys like Essien, Drogba, and Ferdinand may really end up haunting their teams.

– Some favorites, like France and Italy, better be careful… Aside from 2006, at least one top 8 seed has fallen in the group stage dating back to 1986

– England is a truly puzzling team to figure out, guys like Rooney and Lampard might not factor as much as some think, while Peter Crouch and Joe Cole could really carry the team to victory. Too many question marks.

– Brazil vs. Spain would probably be one of the most entertaining games in the history of football, and it would likely only happen in the final…. more drool….


5 Responses to Final Thoughts before the World Cup Kicks Off

  1. starafrica says:

    To start with, some of the favorites to gain the World Cup include Brazil, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Spain!
    However, that will be extraordinary if an Africa team will be the champion of this year! I’d like to see Cameroon in the final.

  2. I see you haven’t mentioned Argentina. I, honestly, beleive they could be the dark horses of the competition. Many of the European nations have fading teams (France, Italy, even Portugal who rely too heavily on one player) whilst Argentina have an exciting, dynamic side that could really do some damage (Messi and Di Maria are exceptional to name just two). Spain are, of course, the favourites whilst Brazil have natural talent, alhough they are much more physical and structured than we typically expect.

    I love the World Cup, there are always shocks. Hyped players underperform due to the rigours of the previous season, new players shine on the World Stage and referee decisions/lucky deflections have major impacts on teams qualification to latter stages. Looking forward to it now!

    • whitsport says:

      Argentina is a solid team, and I think they’ve got a great shot at making it to the semi-finals, but that’s at best. The players on the pitch are unheralded, but their manager is too much of a loose cannon. Maradona could single-handedly cost Argentina their shot at winning the World Cup. Messi is great, and Mascherano will be vital as holding midfielder. Either way, should be a great world cup, full of surprises. Thanks for the reply!

    • Nuno Barreto says:

      I have two problems with Argentina the Defense and the Manager!
      But the Offense is truly outstanding and they can own outscore anyone on a good day!
      So with a bit of luck they can be the dark horse!

  3. You’re welcome.

    Another reason the World Cup is fantastic. I think England vs Argentina could be interesting as it could be a good team with an excellent coach versus an excellent team with a coach who doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing.

    The old debate – is it the players or the coach?

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