A Little Championship Excitement…

… ok, more like A LOT! With my attention being diverted and focused mainly on the Premier League, I almost failed to realize what a spectacular finish is in store just one division down. Races are coming to a headstrong conclusion at both ends of the table. Check it out…

In a battle for the 4th and final spot in the promotion playoffs, Blackpool and Swansea City are slugging it out. The two have been neck and neck for weeks now, and it will all come down to this weekends final games… The Seasiders will take on Bristol City at home… while Swansea get to host Doncaster Rovers at the Liberty Stadium. The edge may go to the Swans as Bristol defeated Blackpool earlier this season. Nottingham Forest likely awaits the 6th place winner, while Leicester City and Cardiff City are slotted to square off in the other tie.

At the other end of the spectrum, two teams hope to simply stay afloat in the Championship… Crystal Palace and Sheffield Wednesday (two storied clubs) will try and live to fight another year. The most exciting part? The Owls and Eagles will face off against each other to settle things once and for all. Here’s what you need to know:

21. Crystal Palace           48 pts        -3 GD
22. Sheff. Wednesday    46 pts     -20 GD

Time: 1200 GMT

Place: Hillsborough Stadium

Winner stays up
Loser goes to League 1
a draw would send Sheff Wed down

With all the anticipation just one league up, some may forgo the final weekend in the Championship, but please take notice, as excitement is sure to ensue. Check back next week for a promotion playoff preview and a look ahead to the final week in the PL. Congrats to West Brom and Newcastle! Condolences to Plymouth and Peterborough


2 Responses to A Little Championship Excitement…

  1. alvinbeo says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Btw, I like your blog’s theme! It looks so professional.

    And I also like the analysis on the Coca Cola Championship. It’s not easy to find a detailed coverage on the division as the focus is 99.9% on the Prem. It’s a pity since the Championship is actually more interesting than the Prem as far as title and promotion races are concerned. More teams are involved in it.



  2. alvinbeo says:

    and also, thanks for including me in your blogroll, I think I should make one too! and my site is now titled Beopedia. haha.

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