NFL Draft Predictions… and Beyond

In the NFL, the draft can make or break you. Most teams, moreso their fans, have found that this motto is true in many ways. Blowing the #1 pick in the draft killed teams like Cleveland in 1999, Texans in 2002, and the Raiders in 2007. So teams spend millions of dollars finding out who will and won’t be added to the list of biggest busts. Without further ado, I present you Whitsport’s Top 10 things you might see during this year’s NFL Draft, and the aftermath that will ensue.

10. Teams will address their needs… St. Louis needs a QB, Redskins needs help at O-Line, and the Browns are desperate for players in their Secondary. These requirements will all be addressed.

9. Trades will be rampant… The Skins, Bills, Jets, 49ers, and Broncos are all likely trade parties. Washington’s got a solitary pick in the first 2 days of the draft, Shannahan is not cool with that. The Niners have two first-rounders and could parlay one of them into a few 2nd and 3rd round picks.

8. Late round QBs will be the ones to pan out in the long run… John Skelton (Fordham) and Tony Pike (Cincinnati) to me resemble the new NFL-prototypical passers. Each stands 6’6” tall with smarts and capable arms.

7. Running back class will be lacking compared to previous years… Spiller, Matthews and Best to name a few, just don’t seem as NFL ready as some backs in previous drafts.

6. The Raiders will provide shock value… as always, Al Davis will find a way to draft someone like Dez Bryant or CJ Spiller way early at #8

5. Tim Tebow will be taken in the first round… some teams just love him and will be willing to draft him for the future (which is exactly what he needs). Being able to sit behind an NFL veteran play caller for a few years is an optimal situation for the former Heisman winner.

4. Offensive Linemen will be at a premium… I wouldn’t be surprised to see 7 or 8 go on Thursday alone.

3. Dez Bryant will fall into the lap of Bill Belichick at #22… and everyone outside of New England will groan as he molds him into a well behaved athlete of success and prominence.

2. Bradford will go #1… but will turn out to be a bust. He’s simply not built like an NFL Quarterback in my opinion. I think the amount of hits he’ll take playing behind a weak line will be his undoing.

1. Steelers will find a new home for Roethlisberger… The Steelers management has begun damage control; after cutting ties with Santonio Holmes, the Steelers will likely part with Big Ben to address their needs along the offensive line and at Cornerback, and continue sending their message that personal conduct troubles are unwelcome in their locker room.

Best Available at Each position:

QB: Sam Bradford- despite the big name, I feel this is a weak choice for top spot, a lot of risk drafting Bradford #1 overall. Jimmy Clausen might actually be a better prospect

RB: CJ Spiller- his 4.27 speed at the combine, 5-11 frame, and upright running style makes him the best RB suited for success at the next level

WR: Dez Bryant- could be the best Wide Receiver we’ve seen in a number of years, why does it seem like everyone, yet no one wants to draft him?

TE: Jermaine Gresham- The Oklahoma product doesn’t have the best speed or agility, but he has the size and strength needed to play in the pros.

OL: Russell Okung- we’ve seen our fair share of busts on O-line over the years, but if he can maintain his fitness, he could revolutionize the position

DL: Ndamukong Suh- just a flat out beast, he’ll make an impact in the NFL within a year or two, no matter where they play him. His strength and ability to shed tackles makes him a good fit in a 3-4 or 4-3 defense.

LB: Rolando McClain- the Alabama native won the Lambert and Butkus awards; he is fast and strong and could pan out to be the next Brian Urlacher.

CB: Joe Haden- an impressive athlete, doesn’t have the same speed as a few others at his position, but his “smooth” play in the secondary really turned some heads throughout his college career.

SF: Eric Berry- some are touting him as the best player in the draft, but Safeties don’t get picked #1, he’ll be a stud for sure. Pound for pound the best available at safety, and impressive in a highly competitive SEC.


One Response to NFL Draft Predictions… and Beyond

  1. whitsport says:

    Nailed the Tebow thing, pretty right about #7-10 as well. We’ll have to see about some of the long-term stuff. Shocked that Stillers didn’t trade Big Ben, and that Belichick passed on Dez Bryant… not surprised that Jerry didn’t.

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