Butler and an NCAA Championship… What Almost Was

Another inch or two to the right and Butler would have pulled off one of the greatest Cinderella stories of all time. As  Gordon Hayward’s last second shot hurtled towards the hoop, in my head I thought, this could go in! I would have loved to see an upset, especially in that manner. Even though Butler came up a bucket short, I will tip my cap to the fine young men of the 7,000 student Indianapolis school. Butler may have had the resume, the wins, and the talent, but they WERE a Cinderella, I don’t care who begs to differ.

A win would have been monumental, but Coach K showed again why he’s been there so many times. The game plan was there; Duke used their size, strength, and shot making abilities to squeak out a win for the ages. The largest lead was 6 points, and the game was closer than that throughout. Although I wont be able to tell my kids that I was watching when Butler took down the mighty Duke, I will be able to tell them that the last tournament before the NCAA expanded (to 96 ridiculous teams) was one of the best ever…


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