Bracket Fluster 2010

It’s about this time that everyone and their mother fills out an NCAA tournament bracket and hopes for the best. Everyone’s got their own strategy, even the commander in chief himself. But when it comes to filling out winners for all 65 games to come over the next 3 weeks, which strategies work best? I have explored several over the past few seasons and the more I studied, the worse my predictions got. Classic case of over-thinking things… my one coworker said it best, “you know too much.” I’m not about to proclaim myself the next Andy Katz or Joe Lunardi, but I will say that I have spent a lot of time watching games, studying tournament history, and crunching the numbers. In the end, it has the reverse effect. So this year it’s back to the basics…

#1 – Picking at least one 12 seed to triumph over a 5 seed. It’s happened in 40% of the match-ups since the tournament expanded.

#2 – Send all top seeds straight to the Sweet 16. Last upset was in 2004 (UAB over Kentucky)

#3 – Limit the Cinderellas. Every year there will be one or two. Last year I approached a baker’s dozen…

#4 – No Final Four parties feature all 1-seeds, it happened just once (2 seasons ago)

#5 – When in doubt, ask the ladies. How many of us know a woman that has won an NCAA pool by picking the team with the nicer uniforms? Yea, if it works for them it could work for you!

#6 – GO WITH YOUR GUT! I’m going to submit the first bracket I filled out this year, why? Because last year that’s the one that would have won it last year.

Good luck to all, let us pray that the # remains 65 next year.


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