FEBRUARY: The Most Boring Month in Sports

Well sports fans that’s it… The Super Bowl has come and gone. The NHL and NBA have yet to enter the home stretch. March Madness is still over a month away. Even catchers and pitchers have yet to report… It’s February folks, the most boring month in sports each year. As an avid fan of sports talk radio, and sports chatter in general, I find that this time of year can be unfulfilling as a sports fan. The end of the NFL season each year, signifies the doldrums of winter, as Snowstorms pummel the East Coast, and sports fanatics endure a relatively uneventful 4 week period. In the meantime, let’s explore some other options that may satisfy some sports lovers’ palates:

– European Football (Soccer): with title races heating up in leagues across the continent, Europe features an exciting sport that is an international phenomenon. With a slew of teams vying for the top 4 spots in the English Premier League, the FA Cup 5th round starting, and the European Champions League knockout stages set to begin, February is actually a fairly exciting month to be a footy fan.

– NCAA Basketball: with conference play in full swing, we see those match-ups that make our mouths water, like Duke v UNC. With dozens of teams on the bubble, players put it all on the line, unlike the NBA. It may not be March Madness yet, but wouldn’t it be nice to do a little research and get a leg up in your office pool next month?

– Winter Olympics: it only comes around every 4 years, but Olympic memories are made each time, especially in the highly competitive winter sports like figure skating, ice hockey, downhill skiing, and bobsledding. Did I mention CURLING?! Enough said

– Daytona 500: personally I am not a racing fan at all, but NASCAR may get a boost at Daytona this year, as Danica Patrick makes her first appearance on the circuit, and is sure to steal a good deal of headlines

– NBA All Star Weekend: even though its basically the same each year, the dunk contest, 3point contest, skills challenge, and Rookie Sophomore game may be better than channel surfing,

If none of these options tickle your fancy, have no fear, hope is on the horizon. Just 32 days til you can start filling out those brackets. Only 54 days until Opening Day in MLB. You’ll be back in football’s cozy arms when the 2010 Draft airs in 71 days. In the mean time, try something new… you never know!


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