Most Exciting Title Race in Years?

With about four months to go in the season, the English Premier League title race has reached new heights. Arsenal, Manchester United, and Chelsea have all had possession of the top spot over the past 5 days. Although games at hand have yet to be played, it is still a title race which has been more similar to a roller coaster ride, than any season in recent memory. To top everything off, all teams are dead even on goal differential. It’s anyone’s trophy to take, and any club’s mountain to summit!

With 2 games at hand, and the fresh memory of a 7 goal outburst vs Sunderland on the weekend, Chelsea are likely favorites to finish atop the standings in May. But don’t count out Arsenal just yet, despite their youth and rash of injuries, they are deadlocked with the two teams that have been the most consistent over the past decade. Speaking of which, can Man United overcome defensive woes, and a handful of sub-sub-par performances to retain their title? Many questions have yet to be asked, and even more will need to be answered…  it should be fun to watch. Only once in the last decade have more than two teams finished within 4 points of each other at the top of the table. This year, it looks like things may go down to the wire, and with a stacked battle for the coveted #4 spot as well, things look to remain enthralling up to the very last whistle.


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