Frightening Photo of the Week

In another attempt to continue growing this blog, Whitsport is proud to introduce a new feature called “Frightening Photo of the Week”. A brief commentary will be posted along with each photo, and questions, quips, queries, and quandaries are strongly encouraged. Basically, please give us your take on the picture…

This week we feature Michael Phelps: Man or Griffin? In what appears to be a capture of his post victory celebration, the 14-time Gold Medalist appears to be preparing to spread his wings and take flight, straight out of the pool. Not only does he appear to be taking to the air, but he also seems ready to tear the head off of his opponent in the adjacent lane.

For years, journalists have been searching for the truth behind Phelps’ Olympic success. They thought that marijuana may be the spark that drives him to international glory, but this photo finally reveals the truth. Phelps is indeed a mythological creature, who has taken to the pool, and has not taken any prisoners. One word of advice to General Mills… slapping this picture on the front of a Wheaties box will successfully scare the crap out of children across the country, so don’t even try it!


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