NBA: Same Old Story

garnett lebronWhen it comes to the National Basketball Association, it’s all too predictable. Same story lines every day, every week, every year. It’s almost too easy to predict which teams will finish with the best records and win their divisions. NBA commissioner David Stern got lucky last summer, when the Magic upset the Cavs and ruined the possibility of a LeBron vs. Kobe Finals that everyone was salivating over. Stern lucked out in the sense that he avoided the conspiracy theories and game fixing allegations that would have ensued. For years I was on board with the notion that the NBA was fixed. How else could that many teams win championship after championship? However, conspiracy theorists may leave out opposing tidbits, like the fact that NINE different teams have won the Eastern Conference since 2000.

Despite jumping the NBA collusion train, I do stand by my opinion that the NBA lacks gusto. I’d much prefer a faster paced game like hockey, where goals are not scored each time up and down the ice, and the tension and excitement are much more palpable. If I must watch basketball, I’d rather hit up the college game, where the players have more heart… where fouls aren’t called on every play… where people in the stands live and die with every shot. It’s not that I don’t respect the NBA, I think their players are some of the greatest athletes on the planet. I just think that the game is too predictable year in and year out.

Unsurprising Off Season Headlines:

– 63 year old Shaquille O’Neal signs with a competitive team chasing another title dream… again

– Another highly touted first round draft pick suffers a major injury in the preseason; see Blake Griffin 2009 and Greg Oden 2007

– A slew of familiar faces change jerseys (Ron Artest, Ben Gordon, Allen Iverson, Vince Carter, Shaq… the list goes on… and on)

– Rocket’s Center Yao Ming is hurt… shocker!

– Powerhouse teams like Boston, Cleveland, San Antonio, and LA are being pegged to finish atop the standings, really going out on a limb there.

– Referees stealing headlines, and possibly money… ouch.

– Every team in the league unveils an unnecessary new throwback or alternate uniform


I don’t think Jason Terry is smiling about the new uni's... wink wink

I realize that Kobe and LeBron are the best players in the game, but can we get some different storylines for a change? The NBA is definitely a star driven league, but there has to be something new to talk about… isn’t there? Overall, Hockey packs way more excitement, the NFL is in full swing, European football/soccer is always on the brain, and the Winter Olympics are quickly approaching; there’s simply not enough room in my schedule to give the NBA the time of day.

VERDICT: I’ll pass on the overpaid, tattooed stars, and check out some senior communication majors hitting buzzer beaters in March.

See… even the Lakers don’t look excited about the season


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