Premier League: Recap and What to Expect

Well, after 8 weeks, were are almost one fourth of the way into the Premiership season. Many people are already counting their teams out, while others are declaring their clubs “out of the relegation mix”. Fortunately, there are still 7 months of football to be played and it is certain that things will not finish as they stand right now. I took a look at the league table from this time last year. It was very interesting to see the way things played out…


Last season's Premier League Table at the Quarter Poll (October 25th, 2008)

Teams like Hull City and Pompey enjoyed life in the top half of the table (The Tigers sat in 3rd place on October 25th!) while other teams were fighting for their survival; Spurs sat in dead last with just 5 points, and Fulham was just 1 point above the drop zone. Even teams like Middlesbrough and West Brom saw point totals which kept them in the middle of the table. In case you’ve forgotten they were both relegated. Spurs made a remarkable recovery and finished 8th in the table, while the Cottagers zoomed up the standings and even secured a Europa Cup berth. What about those teams on top? Hull City finished just one point out of relegation, and Portsmouth were battling to avoid the drop into May. When it comes to the Premiership it’s as simple as this…  It ain’t over til it’s over.

Just look at the teams vying for Champions League births and the Premier League title. Liverpool was in first (and stayed there until January last season), with the eventual champions (Manchester United) all the way in 5th place. The Reds relinquished the top spot, while the Red Devils rose the occasion yet again.


It goes to show that fans of teams like West Ham and Everton have nothing to worry about. By the time Spring arrives, it is unlikely these teams will have much to worry about. And who knows… the Gunners could go on a spectacular run and reclaim the title… or even crazier, Man City could continue their form and shock the masses. All I am saying is that it’s too early to tell. We haven’t even seen any managers sacked yet. Things will begin to take shape after the new year, but until then… ENJOY the beautiful game!


One Response to Premier League: Recap and What to Expect

  1. dejiyoung says:

    hull city straight to 3…

    LOL!! my Arsenal 4,,, T_T…

    Common gunners,,,, Nice Man!

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