Who’s Hot and Who’s Not: Week 3

With another exciting round of games in the books comes another analysis of who’s on fire, and who has cooled down (or really who hasn’t heated up at all). This week featured stellar matchups including a Big Four Brawl at Old Trafford, a much needed Red comeback at The Reebok, and a last minute gasp to keep the Spurs atop the table. Overall, heroes were born,  propelling their teams to new life, and the duds were unable to prevent their club from tumbling down the table.

HOT: Fernando Torres Britain Soccer Premier League

If it’s at all possible, El Nino is quietly having a superb year in the Premier League. Despite notching goals in each of his last 3 games, Torres has flown under the radar for the first month of the season. Overshadowed by the peril that Liverpool has suffered, losing 2 of their first 3 contests, the young Spaniard has been one of the lone shining lights at Merseyside this season. Despite the lack of recognition, Torres easily had the biggest impact on the pitch against Bolton this past weekend. Gerrard may be the skipper, but Torres has been the engine in the Reds’ offense thus far this year.

Honarable mentions: Wayne Rooney (Man United), Leighton Baines (Everton), Aaron Lennon (Tottenham)

NOT: Jamie Carragher carragher_1_102

You may be wondering “how are two players from the same team on opposite sides of the hot or not list?” or maybe “how can Carra make the NOT list? he has yet to put a ball into his own net.” Let me elaborate… Carragher has played 4 games, he leads a defense that has allowed 7 goals, and has kept only one clean sheet. To add insult to injury, he fell flat on his face in attempt to prevent a go-ahead goal against the Trotters on the weekend. I’ll stop there and not mention the fading title dreams before… whoops! too late.  Liverpool will likely bounce back, but this is one player who would love to deflect the blame to Rafa right about now.

Dishonorable mentions: Robinho (Manchester City), Hugo Rodallega (Wigan), Blackburn Rovers Offense

Next week, catch yet another who’s hot and who’s not, likely featuring less Liverpool players… enjoy the international weekend… cheers!


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