MLB “Refresher” Part II

As the MLB regular season comes to a conclusion, I felt it necessary to look back and take a gander at what interests me most about the current status of each division.

As you may have read in my previous post, the word to sum up all goings on in Major League Baseball is REFRESHING. There is much to talk about, so let’s continue to the National League…

NL East: Probably the least refreshing division in the NL, but it might be the most interesting. While the Mets and Phils are atop the division, as usual, it is hard to argue that the back and forth jostling for supremacy is indeed exciting.  Just when one team seems poised to run away with the division, their bullpen decides to hit the snooze button, their bats cool off, they lose a series to the Nationals (errrh), etc.  It’s a shame the upstart Marlins couldn’t make more of a race out of it, but what can you expect with a $22 million team bankroll.  It’s refreshing to see teams other than the Braves make the post-season every year, and it would be refreshing to see the Nats make a run for the playoffs… perhaps next millenium.

NL Central: On second thought, this has to be the least refreshing division in baseball. The Brewers and Astros could have made things interesting but bowed out way too early; Cubs fans are once again convinced that this is their year; Cinncinati continues to disappoint bandwagon jumpers, and the Pirates will finish in last… absolute shockers huh? I will admit the ‘Stros got hosed, home games in Milwaukee while players relatives are homeless? doesn’t seem fair to me either.  At least its refreshing to know that a manager can lead his team to within a few games of the playoffs and still get canned… wonder where in Wisconsin Ned Yost will end up greeting WalMart customers?

NL West: Ahh finally, a truly refreshing division.  One team looks dominant, and another goes on a September tear to surpass all the rest.  That hasn’t happened recently, has it?  Even if it’s become a common trend out West, it’s nice to know that a team run by the classy, yet shunned, Joe Torre can lead a group of misfits to a crown.  It’s been overlooked by a tight race, but San Fran has played .500 baseball over the past 3 months, and has managed to refresh critics with the notion that they may not be the doormats of the West, as they were predicted to be.  The D-backs are still in the divisional title race, thanks in part to winning 6 out of their last 7, but how cool would it be to see LA, NY, Philly, and Chicago represented in the NL playoffs.

So, that’s what I find refreshing in the National League. Now, it’s on to the fun part, “Fall Ball”.

To be continued…


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