MLB “Refresher” Part I


That is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of the current status of Major League Baseball. Think of all of the story lines that are prevalent… whether its upstart teams, players in new places playing well, or even teams that are breaking new ground… there is so much to talk about.  When it comes to the end of September, the only word I can think of to sum up all that is going on is Refreshing

AL East: It is refreshing to see a team in first place when they have never even been remotely close before, especially in a division where two baseball giants have dominated for so long.  The Tampa Bay Rays (almost forgot to leave off the “Devil” from their name) have gone from worst to first, and despite falling out of first after a tough losing streak just before the All-Star break… they have managed to regain control of the division and hold off defending world champs Boston.  It is also refreshing to see the Red Sox making it an actual race, they could have run away with the division, but were kind enough to keep things close and exciting, how thoughtful.  P.S. It is soooo refreshing to hear Yankee fans grumbling and already beginning to talk about next year… in AUGUST!

AL Central: It is refreshing to see a battle for a division crown/playoff berth go down to the wire, especially when both teams (Twinkies and ChiSox) were expected to finish at best 3rd or 4th this season. It’s also refreshing to know that money doesn’t buy happiness, at least for Tigers fans.  Just goes to show that building through the farm system, hanging on to young players, not signing grossly overpaid hacks, and getting a spark from a loud mouth manager can go a long way. P.S. it would be refreshing to see the Royals NOT finish in dead last for once… sorry KC fans, maybe next century

AL West: Not too much refreshing going on here, except for the fact that the Angels have already clinched their division and that people are going to forget how dangerous they will be come playoff time. They may rank 12th in the majors in batting,  19th in runs, and 18th in hits, but they have what every team wants in the post-season: PITCHING! They rank in the top 5 in wins, ERA, and walks allowed, AND they have one of the best closers in baseball. Hey everyone!… Red Sox vs. Angels in ALDS? Not really refreshing, but exciting for sure.

So, what’s refreshing in the National League? You’ll have to wait for part II of this post to find out…


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