NFL Season

So, I was going to post my “expert” predictions on the upcoming NFL season this past week, but I kept putting it off, got busy, and just didn’t get around to it.  Well, thankfully procrastination has finally paid off for once in my life. A Tom Brady injury, big loss in Indy, and surgery for Charger’s LB Merriman has helped me modify my predictions slightly. (I will admit, these are extremely close to my predictions from before week 1, and nothing that occurred during the first week of play has affected my Super Bowl predictions). So… without further ado I present to you WHITSPORT ROAD TO SUPER BOWL XLIII

After several major shake-ups in the once strong AFC, not much has changed…

The Patriots are getting older, but have the right pieces in place to still dominate when called upon, the Chargers started last season 1-3 before winning their division, and the Colts, well… they still have Peyton Manning.  Overall, this is how I see things playing out:

Patriots, Steelers, Colts, and Chargers all winning their divisions, with the Jets and Broncos rounding out the bunch as wild card winners.

Favre and company should make things interesting in the East, especially now with a Brady-less Pats.  Expect the Bills to finish a strong 9-7 though, knocking on the playoff door all season long.  The Steelers look to run away with a weak AFC North, but don’t expect the same in the South, where the Colts, Jags, and Titans will battle it out all year long.  Injuries will keep things very close out West where the Chargers seem less electrifying than expected, while Jay Cutler and the Broncos look like a sharp, much improved unit.

As for the NFC, things are a little crazier… while Eli Manning made millions of people around the country Giants fans at last season’s end, things might turn out differently for the G-men this season.  People are high on the Vikes, but the last time I checked Tavaris Jackson was still their QB, not good news for Minnesota fans.  Here’s how I see things playing out:

Dallas, Green Bay, New Orleans, and Arizona winning their divisions (that’s right the Cards are the best team in the NFC West, a sad day isn’t it?) with the Eagles and Panthers grabbing wild card spots edging out teams like the Giants, Vikings, Seahawks, and Bears.

Romo and TO lit things up again in Week 1, and should do the same all year long, especially after Dallas improved their D in the off season.  If McNabb can stay healthy, the Eagles should stay close all season long.  New York’s off season/preseason losses look to be too much to overcome for another miracle season.

In terms of dominance, expect Green Bay and New Orleans to both runaway with their divisions respectively.  The Cards could easily take the West by storm, as injuries look to plague the Seahawks, and youth looks to slow things down in SF and St. Louis.

Where do we go from there?

Cowboys vs. Saints in the NFC Championship game, and the Steelers vs. Colts in the other match up. As for Super Bowl XLIII… I’m going to go with Dallas vs. Pittsburgh, a rematch of teams who last met in Super Bowl XXX, and a whole bunch of Super Bowls  before that.  Original huh? As for your winner, well I’d love to choose the Black and Gold, but Dallas looks like a much better team, so I’m going to choose TO and Romo to go-go all the way.

In terms of teams that could surprise people, I already mentioned the Bills, who look ready to upset any favored team on a given week, but additionally, watch out for the Ravens, Titans, and Bears, who are all underrated this season.  So that’s that! Mark the date, you heard it hear first.  Let’s just hope I don’t end up eating all 651 of these words :/


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