European Soccer

Well, now that I have a blog, I suppose it’s time to write about something meaningful.  Let’s see, what do mean’s a lot to me? Well, to earn some brownie points I’d like to say my girlfriend.  But, if you asked her, she’d say “English Soccer”, followed by some sort of eye-roll.  Well, I like both, so let’s write about the English Premier League since she made such a wonderful suggestion 🙂

Overall, I quite enjoy watching English Football.  As a resident of the U.S. I am subjected to a slightly different amount of coverage than the rest of the world.  I primarily read about European football through websites like, and watch football on Fox Soccer Channel.  Back in jolly old England, you need not venture as far to get just a bit of football insight.  While the lengths I go for football info may be greater, my love of the beautiful game is right on par.  From growing up playing the sport, to refereeing it, to watching it live, I can safely say I have enjoyed most aspects of the game.

Others wonder how Football across the pond compares to sports here in America.  Night and day my friends…  take all of the media coverage and fan hood devoted to the four major sports in North America (Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey) and put it all together… That is European football.  While there are other sports in Europe, the passion and love of the game completely eclipses the enthusiasm for sports here in America.  Some of you may doubt these sentiments when you come across pictures of fans at Giants Stadium with no shirts on in January, or happen to glance at someone with a New York Yankees logo tattooed on their arm.  But when was the last time you were disowned by your entire family, or beaten mercilessly on the street when deciding to sport your team’s apparel at the dismay of another opposing fan. Italians risk heavy money losses and even jail time, all in an effort to fix victories for their teams. This is the reality in Europe when it comes to religion, err I mean football.

So, sports fans, I do not ask you to change your ways, or try and be over the top when it comes to routing on your favorite team.  I merely ask that you stop and laugh off when a Yankees fan timidly yells “Red Sox Suck!”… remember they are minor leaguers when it comes to this sort of thing.


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