Intro to Whitsport

Welcome to Whit’s blog.  As you can probably tell by the name of this blog, I am absolutely engrossed with sports.  Here in America most people talk about Football, Baseball, and Basketball.  While I enjoy these sports, I’m also interested in sports such as Hockey, Tennis, and Soccer (the real Football, you know… where you do primarily use your feet).  Although most people in this country aren’t as concerned with the beautiful game, and the not-so-beautiful game, take a guess at which one’s which, I find them to be blog worthy without a doubt.  So over the next few months and, who knows, possibly years… I will be posting regular blogs about things that I find interesting.  I won’t be chiming in on the more popular topics, such as what my opinions on the Brett Favre saga are.  Instead I’ll try and take some different routes to an overall enjoyable and different perspective on the games that consume our lives, some more than others.  So to anyone out there curious enough to venture in this direction… I say “thank you, and enjoy!”


One Response to Intro to Whitsport

  1. freelanceallison says:

    Hockey is just as much a beautiful game as soccer, and the season is about to begin! I hope you will continue to post information on Hockey since most sports shows seem to neglect this sport!

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